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We cater to all sorts of functions, from office to exhibitions...

Located at the heart of Melbourne CBD



Quick Price Guide

Sandwiches - Standard from $7 - Gourmet from $9 per sandwich

Canapés from $3 per serve, minimum order 10 per type

Cheese & Fruit Platters $75 each serving 6 - 10 persons

Finger Food Packages from $4 per serve, minimum order 10 per type

Wood Fired Pizza $10 per 10" serve.

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PAINTED M - October 2015

Highly recommended friendly & fast service. Menu is very good and affordable also taste Yummy :). decoration is fabulous it took me back to classical times l definetly go back there again.

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When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be Right

Blu Nite can provide first class food and service to a wide range of clients for Wedding Receptions, Functions and Parties, Sporting and Entertainment Events or for Corporate Dining.

Our food philosophy is simple; we source the finest ingredients, cook them to perfection and serve them with style. All of our suppliers produce the finest, organic, wherever possible, foods for us to create into exciting and delicious meals.


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Here's a snapshot from our Catering Menu from which you can also Order Online


Seafood Canapés

Seafood Canapes

Minimum Order per Canapé Type - 10

Clear water scallops, prosciutto wrapped $5 each


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Tempura prawns with sweet soy dipping sauce $4.5 each - Order Qty -

Crumbed prawn cutlets served with tartare $4.5 each - Order Qty -

Chermoula prawns on petite salad $5 each - Order Qty -

Oyster with lime caviar, crispy prosciutto and Champagne dressing $5 each - Order Qty -

Seared scallop on vodka and leek risotto $5 each - Order Qty -

Sweet chilli crispy Calamari $4 each - Order Qty -

Salt and pepper Calamari $4 each - Order Qty -

Smoked salmon & chive tartlet $4 each - Order Qty -

Prawn wontons with Madeira glaze $4 each - Order Qty -

Smoked trout on cucumber and chive cream $4 each - Order Qty -

Fish & chips box $6 each - Order Qty -


Sandwich Platters

Sandwich Platters

(We suggest 1.5 sandwiches per person)

We offer fresh filled healthy sandwiches with your
choice of bread or a combination


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Mixed bread varieties;

White Bread - Fillings


Smoked salmon $9 - Cajun chicken $9 - Roast chicken $9 - Roast Turkey $9 -

Leg ham $9 - Salami Salad $9 - Curried egg $9 - Tomato $9 -

Avocado $9 - Tasty cheese $9 - Swiss Cheese $9 -



Multigrain Bread - Fillings


Smoked salmon $9 - Cajun chicken $9 - Roast chicken $9 - Roast Turkey $9 -

Leg ham $9 - Salami Salad $9 - Curried egg $9 - Tomato $9 -

Avocado $9 - Tasty cheese $9 - Swiss Cheese $9 -



Cheese Platters

Cheese Platters

Served with dried fruit, nuts and crackers, our cheese
platters include camembert, Blue-vein, brie, vintage tasty, Swiss, Edam, Dutch
and several other varieties


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For 6-10 people $75 each - Order Qty -

Per extra serve $7.5 each - Order Qty -




Freshly squeezed juice supplied in jugs

Juices & Soft Drinks

Freshly squeezed juice supplied in jugs


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Orange juice - 10 people $65 each - Order Qty -

Pineapple juice - 10 people $65 each - Order Qty -


All soft drinks available, Mixed Selection $3.5 each - Order Qty -



Wines, Beers, Ciders & Spirits



Wines are catered for by the bottle only

When catering at Blu Nite, wines may be purchased by the glass & beers by the bottle under seperate tabulation from the Blu Nite Bar

Given the extensive nature of our catering beverage menu all wines, beer and ciders require to be pre-ordered to secure their availability



Sparkling Wines

Sparkling Wines

Morgan’s Bay Sparkling Cuvée $30 per Bottle -

South Eastern Australia
Citrus characters with a light fresh palate.

Yellowglen Peacock Lane by Samantha Wills Premium Cuvée $42 per Bottle -


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White Wines

White Wines

Morgan’s Bay Semillon Sauvignon Blanc $30 per Bottle -

South Eastern Australia
Tropical fruits with a hint of citrus, light, crisp & refreshing.

Angel Cove Sauvignon Blanc $32 per Bottle -


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Red Wines

Red Wines

Morgan’s Bay Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon $30 per Bottle -

South Eastern Australia
Spiced red berries & a hint of plum. Full bodied & soft palate.

Squealing Pig Pinot Noir $38 per Bottle -


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Local Australian Beers

Local Australian Beers

Carlton Draught $7 per Bottle -

VB $7 per Bottle -

Pure Blonde $7.5 per Bottle -



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Imported Beers

Imported Beers

Stella Artois $8 per Bottle -

Peroni $8 per Bottle -

Heineken $8 per Bottle -




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5 Seeds Crisp Cider $8 per Bottle -

5 Seeds Cloudy Apple $8 per Bottle -

Bulmers Original $8 per Bottle -



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Premium Spirits

Basic Spirits $8.00

Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch, Smirnoff Vodka, Gordon’s Gin,

Premium Spirits $9.50

Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch, Chivas Regal,
Canadian Club


When catering at Blu Nite, spirits may be purchased by the glass

under seperate tabulation from the Blu Nite Bar



Minimum Order Qty 5



Individual hazelnut tiramisu served with Biscotti $10 each


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Mini waffle cone filled with chocolate mousse

Mini waffle cone filled with chocolate mousse or

liquored crème patisserie $10 each


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Seasonal berry fruit tartlets

Seasonal berry fruit tartlets $10 each


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Sticky date pudding with creme anglaise

Sticky date pudding with crème anglaise $10 each


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Chocolate mousse cake

Chocolate mousse cake $10 each


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Assorted home - made profiteroles

(Kahlua, raspberry, Cointreau, chocolate, Tiramisu, Pistachio, etc.) $10 each


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Assorted Mille Feuillet

Assorted Mille Feuillet $10 each


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At Blu Nite we provide top quality catering services at affordable prices and incredible food that will have your guests talking. Our creative food and unique personalised service is our business. We promote local producers, value local produce and work with the seasons to create outstanding dishes.

We listen closely to our client’s expectations and take the time to explain clearly how best we can realise their vision. We offer easy to understand transparent quotes, exciting food tastings. Our experience ensures that we are able to offer the best in the market to meet our client’s needs, however quirky or unusual.

We provide corporate catering services. We give value for money without compromising on quality or service and we are committed to ensuring that the budgetary, dietary and event specific requirements of our clients are met at all times. We understand what is important to you and commit to providing the highest quality food together with an unrivalled customer service experience tailored to your specific needs. It is our goal to ensure that the catering for your events is an integral part of your organisation’s identity and the quality is synonymous with your exacting standards. Blu Nite is firmly committed to providing a customer care experience of the highest calibre. We are committed to training and developing staff to their full potential in order to deliver a high quality of service in all areas of our business to our clients.

We are passionate, innovative and creative caterers.

Our philosophy is “there is no such word as can’t”

All of our menus are tailored specifically to individual. We are highly competent in catering for all cultural and dietary requirements. We care passionately about our reputation and our. The creative flair that prevails throughout our team ensures that your food will be long talked about after your party is over.

We have an experienced, well trained and highly professional team of staff who and always professional and courteous. We are no strangers to unusual requests and we will always try to accommodate no matter what the occasion




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How to get to us, on your Smartphone simply use the 'Get Directions' link within the map.


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Tel +61 (03) 9614 5330

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